Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Canada goose with a broken back.

Outdoor duck enclosure (with injured snapping turtle bitten goose)

Two mallard ducks that were released today, along with two wood ducks.

Dove enclosure connected to the duck enclosure.

House sparrow cage in the entryway of the duck/dove enclosures.

This is how we sift seed for birds that do not eat sunflower seeds...

Sifted so that sunflower seeds are not wasted.

Not sifted.

Begging house sparrow.

House sparrows can be overfed.  You have to watch their crop (buldge on side of neck) so that they do not get too much or too little food.

Some of the outside cages. From left to right: gulls, cooper's hawk, crows, great horned owls, swan, the second to last cage has three sections: blue jays/mourning doves, red bellied woodpeckers/robins, and a goshawk. The last cage is a turkey vulture.

Trooper's enclosure with the screech owl cages to the left.

Screech cages with the harris hawk being the closest enclosure.

Inside aviary with barn swallows.

Barn swallow

Back room with hawk cages.

11 mallard ducklings

One of our released mallard ducks.

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